Jam 2 - Categories Revealed

You’ve all been hard at work voting, time to see the fruits of your labor.

Immaculate Vibes This entry conveyed a strong sense of atmosphere and feeling...

Lullaby to Soil by The Altruist

As I walk through the rows of the dead, Each corpse peeks out of the ground with their stone head.
Every one had a story, I trust.
The detritus and dust
Carries stories untold, plans unschemed.
This is what it means, to walk among the soil that once dreamed.

We focus on placing one foot in front of the other.
Because we fear that without the stride, we would just slumber beneath the grass.
Alas, your mortality you cannot smother.
Your bones will break and into the past you will pass.
All the same, journey, journey, until you die.
So you may sleep, dearest soil, with your headstone held high.
"" - The Altruist

Most Impressive This entry showed real effort....

Flanders Fields by beanz
Flanders Fields

Best Theme Interpretation This entry gave a really interesting take on what the theme meant to them...

Flanders Fields by beanz
Flanders Fields
"yipeeee 🎉" - beanz

Fan Favorite Last but not least we have...

Shattered by Chaotic Emotionz

Shattered Image
"I have no brain space for this" - Chaotic Emotionz

Congrats to all the winners! Like the winners of the last jam, your trophies will not be sent to you as they do not exist.

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