Flash Jam Entries

I decided to run a very hectic little jam. Participants had only 48 hours to create an entry around the theme “Falling”.

Lovejoy - The fall

displays a looking glass/spy glass view of a man falling

- Beanz

Little Tumble

I made this piece for this jam and used it to experiment with different techniques I’ve been working with in Blender. I ended up deciding on making an animation that simply showed my character falling through a variety of experimental environments before eventually landing into (what was supposed to look like before i ran out of time) a river next to some mountains. I also applied a few layers of outlines and sketch marks just for fun, as that’s a feature in Blender I’ve been experimenting with recently.

- Cooper Ludt

Floor 1

To stay up to date on the jam and all its variants: join my discord. Take care and see you soon.