Jam Entries

About a month ago I hosted a jam for myself and some friends of mine. Anyone could suggest and vote on the theme. Once a theme was selected, everyone would have ten days to submit something based around it.

The Jam’s theme was “Sun and Moon

The entries are in order of submission. Those who submitted earlier appear close to the top.

“Sightless Stars”

What of the tale of twin lovers,
Who dance through the ages unknown?
Their celestial dance uncovers
The world we call our own.
He, the impossible ball of cosmic fire,
King who incinerates evil with ease.
She, the globe that reflects a forgotten desire,
Amnesiac queen who governs the seas.
Together, they are on a mission.
To create something greater than they
Is the noblest ambition,
Despite what sightless stars may say.

- The Altruist

“Cyber City”

A futuristic city that is controlled by day and chaotic by night.

Cyber City

- Matt G

“Sun and Moon in the Sky”

Sun And Moon

- @Teagodess224

“Opposite sides”

Just a pixel art drawing you can look at two ways- But it’s sideways and I can’t figure out how to fix it :,)


- Lira

“Brightest Midnight”

Hand embroidery of an original sun-and-moon pattern :)


- A. Morrissey


A simple drawing I made based on the relevant prompt that was given to me, and as you’d be able to fairly easily tell from the drawing, I was quite literal with my approach.


- Jack S.


Sun Spots Image

- anonymous


A little walking sim around a tiny world. (Yes I did submit last to my own jam)

- DungenRobot


Those were all the entries for our first jam! If you’d like to vote for categories, fill out the voting form.
Please note that some individuals may not wish to be included in the voting process. If you are improperly listed here or in the voting form, please reach out to me privately.