Jam 2 Entries + Category Voting

We’re back! It’s time to take a look at everyone’s fabulous work.

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After you’re done looking through, head to the voting form to select categories (link at the end of the post). All entries are ordered by submission date. Let’s head into our first entry:

Flanders Fields

Flanders Fields Image

- beanz

Lullaby to Soil

A motivational poem about your demise.

As I walk through the rows of the dead,
Each corpse peeks out of the ground with their stone head.
Every one had a story, I trust.
The detritus and dust
Carries stories untold, plans unschemed.
This is what it means, to walk among the soil that once dreamed.

We focus on placing one foot in front of the other.
Because we fear that without the stride, we would just slumber beneath the grass.
Alas, your mortality you cannot smother.
Your bones will break and into the past you will pass.
All the same, journey, journey, until you die.
So you may sleep, dearest soil, with your headstone held high.

- The Altruist

The Forgotten ones

This is a deceased robot buried under the sands of time post-apocalyptic world its once lit eyes dead and devoid of the energy that once flowed through it. Humanity gone from the world and the robot itself.

robot in a dank swamp

Note: This entry was created using generative AI tools.
“SDXL 0.9 used for lighting and base design of the picture and background while I touched it up and added in a few details.”

- ekm7


A short story about the discovery of a new alien species

Click here to read this entry

- DungenRobot

Dreamlike Reality

In the universe of Guilty Gear Strive, a bond between siblings transcends even death. Having lost his life trying to create a world in which his sister could awaken from a comatose state, Romeo’s spirit lives on in a bed-like machine, protecting Delilah heedless of his own destruction.

Dreamlike Reality

- Bouncer

Shattered Starry Sky

Just a cool idea I had and wanted to realize.

starry sky

- Jack

The Kids Aren’t Alright

I’ve lost a lot. I haven’t lost this at least. The first iteration of this image I drew in spring of 2017, and I have made several variations over the years. Some happier, some more grim, some a quick sketch before my life got upturned. This is the latest and it will not be the last.

a really cool drawing

- Surgeus

Scrapped Memories

A crumpled piece of paper with old memories attached to the paper with tape and/or pins.

pixel art photos

- EternalHappiness

Nostalgic Wasteland Colouring Page

I threw together a bunch of things that had a really impactful presence in my childhood and made them into a scene where they were escaping from a game of ‘That’s So Raven Pinball’ from the old Disney Channel website, which was one of my first exposures to the internet and probably the first game I ever genuinely loved.

I thought it was appropriate to hand this in as a colouring page as well because of one of the relevant time periods.

COLORing page

The Flashpoint Archive helped me significantly in this, so I wanted to express my appreciation there.

I plan to actually colour this in myself, maybe even paint it, and add lighting and stuff at some point. But I wanted others to get to form their own interpretations of the scene and get to establish the tone best fitting in their own head.

- MysterySteve


A digital piece based on broken homes and shattered memories. Not one I necessarily have experience with, but one I know many have.

broken photo

- Chaotic Emotionz

Coming Down KZA

This is an arrangement of Bill Kiley’s Coming Down from Katana Zero. The song plays in Zero’s apartment building primarily when he interacts with a character called The Little Girl. The more ambient nature of this song as well as the theory that said little girl might not be real and represents trauma of the protagonist’s past is why I chose this song.

- Original by Bill Kiley. Arranged by Super_Pig

That’s all our entries! When you’re ready, vote for categories. Make sure you give each of them the time, care, and reflection they deserve, before voting for categories. If you notice any mistakes with this blog post or the voting form, contact me directly.

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