Jam 3 Entries

Welcome back, one and all! This jam’s theme was right person, wrong time. Here are the entries:

The Red Planet

It started with the grasp of a finger.
An unspoken gamble, the risk of appendages curled.
They were confident that their confidence would linger.
After all, it was into my world that they whirled.

When we went round and round on that swing,
That was when I first felt my heart sing.
It sang a song that filled my chest like breath from the sun.
In that orbit, suspended by string,
The crooning of the tune caused a new feeling to be spun.

Despite this, the harmony of chords has taken a rest.
Discord from their past has left them with fears unwanted.
They’ve requested respite, a step back, which I have blessed.
For their happiness, time apart shan’t leave me daunted.

But I can’t help but smile, at how ironic it is,
That the planet should need space.

- The Altruist

Loves Me Not

loves me not image

“But it would’ve been fun, if you would’ve been the one.”
This piece was heavily inspired by Taylor Swift’s song “the 1,” which I feel perfectly encapsulates this theme. People come and go in our lives and though it may hurt when they go, we will always carry the love they gave us within.

- Dorian Kepler

The Time is Not Yet Right

time not yet right image

Unfinished. Would be better if lit/shaded but it is currently 11:40PM at the deadline so oh well. It might not be apparent what the meaning is, even if you know me, but the one hint I give is I almost always make heavy use of color symbolism.

I used CSP’s 3D models to trace over the pose and parts of the background (not the light). Harder than it looks, especially with his specific requirements (eg. a jawline that can cut glass).

- Surgeus

That’s all for this jam! I unfortunately didn’t have time to participate this go around, but I’m grateful for everyone who did! As always, head over to the discord if you want to stay up to date with the jam and everything else I do! See ya’ll later