Jam 4 Entries

It’s that time once more! Let’s take a look at all the fantastic entries.

The Invincible Fool

There is wisdom in idiocy:

The dunce dances with a pack on his back
And a pale rose in his palm,
Utterly oblivious to the fear he should feel.

Buffoons shall blunder and all fools must fall,
But the falls always come lighter
To the morons unfettered.
- The Altruist

Chosen Card: The Fool

Death 13

Image of a skull overlain with mountains and valleys

I spent way too long on this goddamn mountain. Partially because of image splicing and partially because I kept wiki-diving for mountain lore. Ever hear about the Everest Crown of Death?

Chosen Card: Death

- Michael James Alan


light blue backed sketch of an individual reaching up towards the moon

Chosen Card: The Moon

- Surgeus


a woman with orange hair on a light blue background. There are flowers behind her

A tale of deception, graciousness, all under the light of the moon. Never ask questions you don’t want to know, especially during the witching hour.

Chosen Card: The Moon

- Dorian Kepler

That’s all for this jam! If you’d like to participate yourself then head over to the discord! And if you’re looking for Goopy’s entry, it’s hidden somewhere in this website’s files, good luck!