Jam 5 Entries

Once more we return!

Ya’ll have made some cool stuff over the past week! Time to take a look at what everyone made.


Photo of the eclipse

- Anonymous

Stellar Solstice

Minecraft build of an eclipse

Solar Eclipse in Minecraft. The star is based on Nidavellir from Avengers, Infinity War. Build time: ~3 hours.

- Max Matelic

The Brighter the Star, the Darker the Shadow

painting of a person on stage. all spotlights are on them.

Medium: Alcohol Marker and White Pen. The drama of an eclipse undeniably comes from the drastic contrast between the light of the sun and the dark space when it is obscured. Similarly, celebrities and performers provide audiences with bright and stunning performances. Yet, the brighter they shine, the more likely something is being sacrificed or hidden. This is the dark space of living life under the bright lights. The white marks on the shadow here are inspired by the strange wavy and crescent shaped shadows that appeared during the eclipse, mimicking that strange, uncanny feeling that the eclipse brings.

- Hope Berge

Eclipse Experiment

A little experiment I made. Try it out in your web browser (no download required)!

- DungenRobot

Blooming Eclipse

Two heads representing the sun and moon. One is partially in front of the other

My interpretation of an eclipse, with the moon and her lover, the sun, who she is partially covering much like a true eclipse.

- Anna

That’s it for this jam! Finals are here so I’ll be going dark for a couple weeks, but The Jam will return over this summer! I’m hoping we can outdo last year’s jam in number of submissions.

If you want to stay up to date with that: join the discord! You can get notifications for The Jam and everything else I do online.

That’s it for now, stay creative!